• All services on the panlogos GmbH online portal in the form of the product Daysense or seminars booked thereon shall be offered exclusively subject to the following terms and conditions. General terms and conditions to the contrary, in deviation or in addition to such shall not be an integral part of these terms. This shall also apply in the knowledge hereof, unless consent to their validity is expressly given in writing.
  • By consenting to these General Terms and Conditions the customer agrees that they shall also apply to future contracts entered into with panlogos GmbH, especially the purchase of follow-up card sets or the reservation of additional seminars on the same or other topics.
  • You may print these terms and conditions out as many times as you wish or save such in a reproducible form.

§ 1 Subject Matter of the Agreement

  1. Daysense is an online service through which users are reminded of certain thoughts via email. In addition, user assigned index cards are stored electronically. Upon request, card sets can also be purchased in paper form. Daysense is available to its users 24 hours a day and seven days a week. However, every now and then the system may be shut down during off-peak hours for maintenance purposes. Down times due to technical defects cannot be excluded. panlogos GmbH shall not be liable for damage caused as a result of lack of availability or technically related service downtimes, unless such are the result of gross negligence on the part of panlogos GmbH or one of its legal representatives or vicarious agents or is the result of deliberate intent or where such damage relates to fatalities or injury to body and health.

  2. The open seminars offered by panlogos GmbH serve the individual further advancement of people. Each curse is prepared and conducted with care based on the current level of knowledge.

  3. panlogos GmbH shall have the right to make changes or alterations to its range of services at any time.

§ 2 License to Use the Product Daysense / Registration and Conditions for Taking Part in Seminars

  1. License to Use the Product Daysense
    Use by the user of the service shall only be granted and permitted to the user after he has previously registered and received confirmation of the online identification from panlogos GmbH via email. This agreement is entered into for a period of one year. The use period shall begin once the access option has been activated.

  2. Registering for Seminars
    A written registration by letter, fax or email is required. You will then receive a registration confirmation and, in some cases, directions as well as a list of hotels.

    Rule applying to the "Set-Up" and "Enneagram Seminars":
    We will only reserve a space at the seminar with binding effectiveness after receipt of a down payment or payment in full. If a down payment is made, the remaining balance for the full course fee is to be paid at the latest fourteen days prior to the start of the event. Please bring your receipt with you to your course.

    The seminar fees for the manager training will be payable upon receipt of the invoice.

  3. Cancellations / Cancelling Seminars
    Cancellations must be made in writing.

    Rule applying to the "Set-Up" and "Enneagram Seminars":
    Down payments made will be retained. For cancellations made less than one week prior to the start or the course, or for non-attendance, the entire seminar price shall be payable.

    The "Management Training" seminars may be cancelled up to two months prior to the beginning of the seminar without a cancellation fee being incurred. For any cancellations made thereafter up to two weeks prior to the start of the seminar, we will charge 50% of the seminar price. The total seminar fee shall be due as a cancellation fee for cancellations made two weeks or less prior to the start of the seminar. When booking three seminar parts at the same time, the scheduled date for the first part will be considered the start of the seminar.

    However, you may assign your registration in any event to another person insofar as said person fulfills any applicable registration conditions.

    If the number of registered participants is too low (typically less than seven, for the seminars "Top Executives" less than five participants) we reserve the right to cancel the course up to three days prior to its start and to offer an alternate date. Where the course is cancelled due to an illness of the trainer, force majeure or any other unpredictable occurrence, registered participants may not have the right to the course being held, to claim reimbursement of travel costs or indirect damage, in particular claims by third parties.

  4. Payments
    Payments are to be made exempt from charges to the recipient. This shall also apply for payments from overseas or where a fee is charged for the payment transaction.

§ 3 Data Protection, Confidentiality

  1. In accordance with section 4 of the German Teleservices Data Protection Act, the user is hereby informed that panlogos GmbH stores and processes his complete address in machine readable form. No data shall be passed along to third parties without the express permission of the user.

  2. Unless expressly agreed upon otherwise in writing, all of the information provided to panlogos GmbH shall not be treated with confidentially. This to the exception of the password conveyed to panlogos GmbH.

  3. The user shall be obligated to observe the data protection provisions. He may not acquire or modify any data that is not designated for him from panlogos GmbH.

§ 4 Copyright, Scope of License

  1. The content of the panlogos GmbH online presence as well as any printed products that might be provided in paper form such as card sets, seminar documents, work schedules, etc. are protected by copyright. All rights remain reserved. With the exception of downloads that may be offered for us in their original versions, the use of texts and illustrations, even as excerpts, without the prior written consent of panlogos GmbH shall be in violation of the copyright provisions and thus illegal. Included herein shall also be all printed products from Daysense and panlogos GmbH. This shall apply in particular also to all exploitation rights such as duplication, translation, publication, editing or use in electronic systems, also as relates to text portions. The content may not be duplicated, edited or be used in any other form for public rendition, unless the prior written authorization has been granted by panlogos GmbH.

  2. Registered trademarks, trade names, utility patterns and logos are used on this website. Even in the respective places where these are not identified as such, the respective legal provisions shall apply accordingly. Included herein are also all printed products from Daysense and panlogos GmbH insofar as such include registered trade marks, trade names, utility patterns and logos.

  3. The user may only use the services offered by Daysense and the documents provided by panlogos GmbH for his own use. This shall include the right to store information and to spur thoughts. Any use in excess thereof, in particular for any commercial secondary exploitation of the content, copies made of the index cards and other files onto data carriers or the printing thereof onto paper as well as the use of data issued for manufacturing more than only individual duplicate copies for personal use and also the duplication of panlogos GmbH documents shall require an agreement in writing.
    These obligations shall continue to be effective even after expiration of the agreement.

§ 5 Caveat Emptor and Exemption from Liability

  1. We shall not be held liable for guaranteeing that the content and information published in the Daysense or in the seminar documents is complete and accurate. Same shall apply with regard to the user notes being accurate, complete and/or up-to-date. We shall not be liable for the success of the training, the advise provided and the use of the acquired knowledge, unless such is the result of deliberate intent or gross negligence on the part of panlogos GmbH or one of its legal representatives or vicarious agents, or such damage relates to fatalities or injury to body and health.

  2. panlogos GmbH shall also not be held responsible for damage resulting from errors in the dataset on index cards or due to errors caused during the reproduction of data, unless said damage is the result of deliberate intent or gross negligence on the part of panlogos GmbH or one of its legal representatives or vicarious agents, or such damage relates to fatalities or injury to body and health.

§ 6 User Obligations

  • User shall be obliged to use Daysense properly. Please notify panlogos GmbH immediately of any identified defects or damage. Where the customer or his authorized user is in violation of the provisions within this agreement, panlogos GmbH shall have the right to block access to Daysense. panlogos GmbH shall not be required to reimburse any portion of the paid remuneration to the user. The right to claim damages shall remain unaffected.

§ 7 Final Clauses

  1. Any ancillary agreements belonging to the GTC at hand shall be required to be in written form without exception. Oral agreements shall have no affect. This shall also apply to changes in the written form clause.

  2. Where the contractual partner is a registered merchant, a legal entity under public law or a special fund under public law, the exclusive legal venue for any disputes resulting from this agreement shall be Offenbach/Main. Same shall apply where the customer has no generally applicable legal venue in Germany or where his residence or usual domicile is unknown at the time the complaint is filed.

  3. Should individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions be or become invalid, either in part or in full, as such, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The rule which is either fully or partially ineffective shall be replaced by a rule that comes closest to the economic intent of the invalid provision.

  4. The laws of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply to any disputes.

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